Brand Partnerships

  • Post by Optimal
  • May 07, 2020

Here are some Brand Partner- ships we helped initiate:

Aster - Britannia Digestives

Partnership for better health!

Promote HEALTHY LIVING by choosing the right food Tie-up with Aster DM Healthcare and Britannia Sugar Free Digestive biscuits Reach: over 30,000 people engaged in 2 months

Dermoviva - Xpress Money

Partnership for babycare!

Drive awareness of Dermoviva BabyCare within the Filipino community Insight-driven activation to identify a suitable and relevant partner:

  • Filipino women are the largest women expat population in the UAE
  • Most leave their kids back in the home country
  • They all remit money home for the children

Action: tie up with Xpress Money (largest remittance service to Philippines) and offer Dermoviva gift hampers to reward Filipino women sending money to Philippines

Reach: over 10,000 people in 4 weeks

Xpress Money - Britannia Good Day

Partnership for “remittances with a smile”

Reward Britannia Good Day consumers & acquire new customers for Xpress Money.

Activation : 2 month, 360-degree campaign

Over 4,000,000 customers reached