About Us

Optimal Marketing Services is headquartered in Dubai - possibly the most dynamic business environment globally today. A multiplicity of nationalities lives and works here, making it an intricate task for brands to identify and engage relevant audiences. That’s where we step in.

We help brands build smarter connections between themselves and their audiences.

We work with brands to design unique user experiences and outreach campaigns to give greater value to customers.

Our key differentiator is to offer our clients pragmatic solutions based on internationally accepted and locally adapted marketing and communications practices.

Our expertise is rich in diversity: cross-border remittances, financial services, fintech, retail, snack foods, luxury cosmetics, mobile apps, hair care, telecom, document management solutions and aviation. To name just some of the sectors that we work in.

We also offer strategic insights into the UAE and GCC markets, to help companies tap the enormous business potential of this region.

Our Vision

Develop unique marketing support services and customer engagement tools, that are customised to the specific needs of individual clients, based on our in-depth knowledge of the markets and industries that we operate in.


Our mission is to help every business, big or small, identify a relevant customer set, engage it and turn this engagement in to a profitable marketing programme.


Our clients are the key to our success and we will only achieve our goals when our customers achieve theirs. We will never compromise on quality. We strive to change minds and move markets. We follow a simple brief: RESULT orientated focus, using Innovative & Cost-Effective methods. Our employees will benefit from a culture of inclusiveness, rewards for efforts and motivation for professional growth.